Lola will you marry me! This was our first meeting.

The 6 Lola had to choose from

As a finalist I got to have a date with Lola in St James Park in London

No paw prints though! There is hope!

Well check me out!

Just look at my bargain tux £15 of Ebay!

Ooops!.......And I thought it should be me that was nervous not Izzy my best dawg!

Well that's it I had gone and got married!

Some of the guests at the wedding

Confetti time!

Marquee looked nice

Getting ready for the speeches

In Brighton waiting for Lola to arrive for our honeymoon

My last sighting of Lola at an event before the Divorce

Nuff said!........

Episode 8 saw Er indoors get a tattoo of me on her back, I call that devotion.