A Different Breed Sky 1 2011 - The World's First Dogumentary

From the creators of Pineapple Dance Studios comes this doggytastic series; the world's first dogumentary that aims to give you a valuable insight into the weird, wonderful and utterly addictive world of pampered pooches and their obsessive owners. It is an 8 part series which was first aired in 2011 but now on DVD! Go on order it, you know you want to! 

How it all became...  - Sky 1 approached Er Indoors to see if I wanted to be part of a new series. They came and filmed me at home, having a bath and interviewed Izzy and me, because in this series I can talk!

Meeting Lola  - The production asked me how we would feel about me getting married. Sounded like a bit of fun! We went to Chelmsford to Louise's shop Diva Dogs to enter a competition to find Lola a Hubby. I was shortlisted and got to take her on a date.

Our first kiss! - We went to St James Park in London. Later that week I then heard that she had chosen me and it was all systems go getting ready for the wedding. Lola's human organised everything, all I did was get a tux to wear and turn up. 

Wedding (Episode 3)  - Lola and I married on 19th September 2010 in the grounds of a beautiful house in Bradwell on Sea, Essex. It was a lavish £20,000+ affair! (Apparantly). The wedding was held in a marquee, we had a doggie chocolate fountain and a doggie wedding cake made of cupcakes. Lola wore an amazing gown by Michele Ochs that cost over £1000, I wore a tuxedo that was considerably cheaper! just £15. It was a lovely day, although a little windy. 

Honeymoon (Episode 4) -  We honeymooned in Brighton, we rode the carousel, walked and ate ice cream on the beach. We even had our paws read by a local clairvoyant. We dined at the Ginger Dog before settling down in the Pin-up Parlour, Diana Dors themed Room in a Boutique Hotel The Pelirocco. All with my lovely bride Lola.

Sadly, the marriage is now over.

Tattoo (Episode 8) - Er Indoors got a tattoo on her back of GUESS WHO!........

Please enjoy looking at all the photos